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While other platforms exist in the marketplace, our structure is unique. It has been painstakingly designed to solve frustrations expressed by both portfolio managers and investors alike. We have created a win-win that the industry has never seen before.  To learn more about the AI Global Investors difference, read through the below and see some of the questions we have fielded from other PM teams in the past.  If you don’t see an answer to a question you still have – please reach out to our team.  We would be happy to have a conversation about if the AI Global Investors Platform might be a fit for you.


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Nope. Nada.  Your business – your equity.

Yes. No problem.  While we will need to review AML/KYC docs, we aim to make this transition as simple as possible for investors. 

Yes.  The brand is yours. 

Not at the PM Team-level.  Your team will fall under our regulatory registrations and compliance oversight.  However, depending on the types of securities/commodity interests traded and what state the team members are working from, individuals may need to be registered with a State or the NFA.   We’ll assist if this is necessary, though.  

Definitely.  We only bring on PM Teams that produce compelling and persistent alpha and strategies that are attractive to our investor base.

We’d be surprised if your team would want to, but yes.  We’ll facilitate the transition out and the assignment of investor/fund IMAs.

Of course.  We will need to do due diligence and background checks, but you would want to do that, anyway.  

Yes.  Our parent company (Alpha Innovations Ltd.) is the investment manager of an umbrella fund structure in Ireland (an Irish ICAV QAIAF) which enables easy distribution across the EU member countries under the AIFMD. 


We are also in the process of launching a parallel structure in Bermuda which will allow us to launch funds at lesser initial AUM levels (sub $10MM) and also onshore feeders.

We provide an institutional-quality OMS/EMS/PMS/RMS with robust mid and back office functionality. 

We also provide network shares, email, Office 365 (with SEC-compliant email archiving), tech support, phone, etc. 

Absolutely.  It is vitally important that all PM team members understand the regulations that pertain to their investment activities and also the policies and procedures of AI Global Investors. We will provide web-based periodic training to keep you in the know.

Alpha Innovations Ltd. is the parent company of AI Global Investors (USA) LLC.  AIGI serves as a subadvisor to AI Ltd.  

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