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A Turnkey Solution

The AI GI Advantage

Essential Components of Investment Management Business

World class investment businesses are built on four key pillars:  security selection, regulatory compliance, operations, and investor outreach. An elite portfolio manager provides Pillar 1, but creating the other three to the standard required by today’s investors is expensive, time consuming, and distracts from managing the investments.


Providing Business Infrastructure and Expertise

AI Global Investors is an asset manager that offers a true partnership to portfolio managers that can meet our high bar, bringing not only the additional three critical pillars required, but also highly experienced professionals to fill out the team and a deep expertise in running investment management businesses.


Business Autonomy

While most other investment platforms require that a manager go in-house,  AI Global Investors’ innovative structure allows portfolio managers to retain their businesses as their own.

Credibility, Marketability and Excellence

The AI Global Investors platform is only available to premier investment talent with a proven history of success. The Firm’s leadership team is composed of professionals with decades of experience at leading investment firms including Point72, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Balyasny, among others.  AI Global Investors partners with portfolio managers who have comparable backgrounds and levels of experience to build successful businesses that are exactly what investors want. 

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Required Infrastructure
Forging an Asset Management Business

Creating a successful investment business is a lengthy and expensive process which requires combining a diverse array of elements, including:


  • ●    Fund Formation
  • ●    Choosing and Creating the Legal Structure
  • ●    Drafting Legal Documents
  • ●    Attracting and Retaining Service Providers  
  • ●    Designing a Technology Platform
  • ●    Creation and Maintenance of Compliance 
  •        Program and Regulatory Registrations
  • ●    Investment Operations
  • ●    Build Out of a Quality Team
●    Marketing
●    Investor Relations 
●    HR
●    Office Space

Platform Cornerstones


Institutional Fund Structures

Fund Structures

The AIGI fund structure allows for the launch of new funds ready in as little as three weeks at de minimis cost and with reputable service providers well-known to institutional investors. We can also accommodate client SMAs at many prime brokers or FCMs.

Industry Veterans to Complete your Team

Industry Veterans to Complete Your Team

Once your team joins the platform, our team also your team. With the addition of our experienced and highly pedigreed professionals to fill out your roster, you are no longer a small shop with limited resources. ​
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Networking and Productivity

Networking and Productivity

All teams are provided our tech stack, including MS office, Sharepoint network drives, Email (with regulatory-compliance archiving), phone, etc.
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Distribution and Investor Relations

Distribution and Investor Relations

We have the ability to help you market SMAs or funds launched on your strategy to our network of investors and also provide level-1 IR support.
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Top Tier Counterparties and Service Providers

Top Tier Service Providers and Counterparties

As a larger firm, we have access to blue chip service providers who typically will not take on smaller asset managers. We work with well-respected entities who give investors peace of mind.
Finance and ops Intranet

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

We take care of the books & records of each PM team, monthly reporting of their financial statements, and coordinating with external audit/tax prep for each team.
Tech Stack

Investment Technology

Investment Technology

We utilize a robust complete tech stack which provides seamless OMS/EMS/PMS/RMS and mid and back office functionality to enable the smooth lifecycle of trades and give the PM team the reporting and analytics they require and institutional investors expect to see.
HR Intranet

HR/Payroll/Benefits Administration

HR/Payroll/Benefits Administration

The AIGI Platform manages the HR functions and provides flexibility for each team to choose among multiple plans and packages, including those which provide very high quality coverage.
Compliance Legal Rule Compliancy Conformity Concept

Regulatory and Compliance

Regulatory and Compliance

All AIGI PM teams are covered under our regulatory registrations and our policies, procedures and compliance oversight, saving the teams the effort of applying for and maintaining entity-level registrations themselves as RIAs, CTAs or CPOs.

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