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AI Webinar April 14, 2020

Investment Strategies For The Current Environment

Investors need compelling returns, and the big box shops have been struggling to provide them. Now more than ever, investors are interested in new and novel sources of returns, but need managers who have institutional quality infrastructure. Alpha is the core of what we do.  Its’ probably best that we define it here.   A simplified definition is the return of a portfolio in excess of the relevant market.  Its corrolory is beta – the returns that can be explained by the market.  Alpha is what we seek to extract from our strategies.  

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Alpha Innovations Announces Launch of AI Global Investors

Alpha Innovations Launches Turnkey Platform for Best-in-Class Investment Managers Seeking to Build or Grow Investment Businesses

Global Asset Manager Offers Institutional-Quality Asset Management Solution for Top Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate Portfolio Managers

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AI’s Investing in the Current (Volatile) Environment

Hear thoughts on investment themes, risk mitigation and strategies for what we believe will be an extended period of elevated volatility. Sharing insights are our CEO, Lawrence Newhook; our Chief Risk and Investment Sciences Officer, Mark Antonio Moustapha Awada Ph.D..; the CIO of Lynncroft Capital, William Schatten; and our Chief Financial Officer, Gene Fisch, Jr.

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